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Nandan Grover

Full Stack Developer

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Detail oriented, responsible and committed engineer, with a get-it-done, on-time and high quality product spirit, and years of experience in designing, implementing, testing and delivering complex back-end and web applications using variety of programming languages and technologies

Work Experience

Sofware Developer and Team Lead - MITR Learning and Media (06/2018 - Present)

As a developer at MITR I was a part of multiple projects ranging from work in Vanilla JS to latest frontend and backend frameworks. These projects can be grouped into two broad domains.

Curriculum Associates - Authoring (VueJS, Python, JavaScript, Typescript, Docker, GraphQL, MySQL, PHP):
  • Project lead for mission critical application which allow users to edit content which is tailored for kids from k-12.
  • Delivered a task to make our content filterable through a multitude of custom filters and implement those filters as a set of custom queries and an interactive UI. My work directly saved thousands of dollars by automating things which were previously done manually
Vanilla JS and Node (JavaScript, React, jQuery, Canvas, HTML, CSS, Node):
  • Delivered multiple projects for the company as a sole developer. My work and efficiency was praised by multiple people and resulted in a lot of revenue as a result.
  • Built tools in Node and created interactive E-Learning materials using Javascript and canvas. Some of the companies whose projects I worked on were: Philips, IKEA, Chevron, Korn Ferry etc.

Project Trainee - Cybersecurity - Reliance Industries Limited (06/2017 - 07/2017)

Researched and help test Mokescreen (Deception technology) to prevent data theft.

Project Trainee - Strategic Solution - Datamatics Global Services Limited (06/2016 - 07/2016)

As a project trainee in Strategic Solutions Group, my responsibilities included researching ways Datamatics could integrate itself into the BPM landscape in India.


JIRA Active Tickets Helper

Build this chrome extension to assist my team members in getting greater insight into the JIRA tickets they are currently working on.

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Social Network Using React and

Chat Application with group chat and one to one chat capability by forming secure private rooms.

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Docker Defaults for Kickstarting Project

Made docker defaults for prod and dev for kickstarting a project the easy way. Server: mongo + node + express + graphql Client: react + apollo + redux

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Recreating the classic Minesweeper Game in Canvas

Built a custom game logic for the classic minesweeper game using createJS for the UI. The logic is unique and the game is fun.

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